Props Metropolis



Cheri Anderson brings creative visions to life.  Cheri has designed horror movies, thrillers, a 60's- based period piece, a rock band "road" film, and fantasy and reality based films. She enjoys commercial work as well. To see some of Cheri's work visit

Some people say hoarder, some say collector – Cheri has a nice collection of set dressing and props pieces.

Cheri says, "I love the energy of filmmaking and the immense amounts of technical and creative talent coming together to produce a work of art."

A lifelong Minneapolis resident, she appreciates the vibrant urban life here. While she is happy to call Minneapolis home, her travel for work and pleasure is a major factor in bringing vibrant multi-cultural influences to her projects.


Melissa Pritchett has been creating art since she was a child drawing on her parent’s walls.  She has grown into a published artist (her pencil drawings) and an award-winning painter. She enjoys working in charcoal, furniture design, and sculpture.  She also enjoys photography – especially the solitude of capturing an image that is completely under her control.

She attended Moorhead State University where she was a painting major. She transferred to Minneapolis College of Art and Design’s Filmmaking program where she received her BFA in filmmaking.

The design element of filmmaking inspires Melissa: she enjoys the creativity that comes with developing different realties (from periods to fantasy).  She likes working in three dimensions and with vibrant colors, to help create unique images.